Albatross Golf Wear - Our Brand

Albatross Golf Wear OwnersAlbatross Golf Wear started with two friends and a dream that our love for golf, and hanging out, could merge into something that might one day replace our day jobs.  Yeah....we are nowhere near meeting that goal... yet.  We know we are onto something with our attractive, high quality line of golf wear and hope you will love it as much as we do!

We, like all of you, want to look good on the greens.  But looking good is only of consequence if you first feel good. And of course, this combination should be available to all golfers, whether you have the flow of a pro, a caddy, or somewhere in between.   

Besides being one of the largest flying birds with a wingspan reaching 12 feet, an "albatross" in golf is what's referred to as three under par.  Origins of the term can be traced back to the late 20’s when steel shafts made such a feat achievable. Many people use the term "double eagle", but seeing two eagles, while a treat, isn’t really so rare. An albatross, on the other hand, is rare….so rare in fact, that it happens far less than a hole in one, also known as an "ace".  

In the spirit of the albatross, we want to be the rare breed that brings you something a bit different in our styles, and something you can wear in life - not just on the course.  Our polo shirts, hats and t-shirts are all made of the finest fabrics to bring you comfort, ease of movement, and style. Our goal is to make unique designs that not everyone at your local course or watering hole will have, but they will all want.  Eventually providing you with one stop shopping from head to toe, Pebble Beach to the Jersey Shore.